Igor Samolet

Igor Samolet is a Russian artist, born in 1984, Kotlas, in 2013 graduated from The Rodchenko Art School (Moscow). In his works Samolet turns to the nature of human relationships, refracting and viewing it through social, political and digital filters. All his projects have complex dramaturgy: from comedy, reminiscent of the sitcom, to the true dramatic personality, which is often marginal or considered as such due to the new Russian social norms that have replaced the short-term freedom of speech and self-expression. Samolet interprets the image of a modern person through his emotional instability, showing his deep vulnerability in the global information process inside the giant digital world space, which we call post-digital. Igor Samolet began to work with «direct photo», but now he came to what he calls «performative photography»: he himself simulates situations and possible scenarios within the frame. In his last projects he uses personal photo archives to create three-dimensional objects, exploring the plasticity of the image and its interaction with the form.

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Breakfast for Artem
Politics of Hate
06 September 2021 - 31 October 2021
At the stroke of midnight 19 May 2021 - 31 June 2021