A Room for Everyone
28 March 2023 — 21 May 2023

Group exhibition of Voronezh artists.

Curators: Kirill Garshin, Margarita Bikulova, Misha Goodwin, Yan Posadsky

Artists: Kirill Garshin, Misha Goodwin, Jan Posadsky, Oleg Dautov, Ivan Gorshkov, Mikhail Dobrovolsky, Nikolai Alekseev, Sergey Gorshkov, Yulia Skromnaya, Mikhail Noy.

The сцена/szena gallery in collaboration with the Voronezh artist-run spaces “Daipyat” and “Utilization” is pleased to present a group project of Voronezh artists called “A Room for Everyone”. The exhibition  includes works by ten authors representing different generations and exploring a wide range of topics.

The main goal of the project is to develop an artistic community and form horizontal ties between Moscow and regional artists. The exhibition creators represent local independent art institutions, each of which functions without attracting outside support. In this context, the exhibition becomes an alternative means of mutual assistance and unity.

The project does not have a central subject, but it unites its authors through several narratives, including Voronezh mythology, themes of childhood, nostalgia, memory, and homeland. The study of the Voronezh artistic landscape turns into an intimate conversation about the search for personal and spatial identity.

Artists: Nikolay Alekseev, Ivan Gorshkov, Kirill Garshin, Misha Goodwin, Sergey Gorshkov, Oleg Dautov, Mikhail Dobrovolsky, Mikhail Noy, Yan Posadsky, Yulia Modest