Olya Avstreyh

Born 1988, Moscow

Artist. Main focus — painting and graphic, video


In 2010 graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Lomonosov Moscow State University. After that moved to London, where I studied media management for two years for at the University of Westminster. In 2021 graduated from the HSE Art and Design School with a degree in Contemporary Painting under Vladimir Dubossarsky curation. In 2022 took part in Ivan Gorshkov's master class "Find and Improve".

2019 — 2021   MA Contemporary Painting, HSE ART & DESIGN, Moscow

2011 — 2013   MA Media Management, University of Westminster, London

2005 — 2010   BA Foreign Languages and Area Studies (GB), Lomonosov Moscow State University


"In my art practice I explore the interrelationship between reality and illusion and the phenomenon of perception and projection — catching the elusive moments and capturing emptiness inside or outside. I zoom into and investigate the awkwardness of human behaviour, the complexities of our current techno-cultural landscape and the sense of isolation we’re in. How our identities distort under the weight of insta-happy life, how we present ourselves to the world and struggle to fit in. My images are often physical and sensual, body reactions are mirrors of human states — sometimes broken and exhausted or dissoluted, almost liquid.

All my works operate within two extremes — complete loneliness and neurotic fiesta. I juggle between these states, which to me are two sides of the same coin."



Cruel Optimism
Available works
Kissing Inferno