Nepokorennye Prospect

09.09 - 12.11.2017 

“Nepokorennye Prospect”

Moscow Museum of Modern Art at 10 Gogolevsky boulevard

Curated by Anastasia Shavlokhova, assistant curator - Anastasia Skvortsova


Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Stas Bags, Ilya Gaponov, Andrey Gorbunov, Ilya Grishaev, Irina Drozd, Viktoria Ilushkina, Alan Khatagty, Anton Konyukhov, Kirill Koteshov, Kirill Makarov, Asya Marakulina, Semen Motolyanets, Konstantin Novikov, Ivan Plusch, Tatyana Podmarkova, Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva, Maxim Svischev, Alena Tereshko.

The exhibition was held as part of the Parallel Program of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. 

The exhibition “Nepokorennye Prospect” was held in the fall of 2017 combining in one project artists who worked in the studio from 2007 to 2017. “Nepokorennye” is a phenomenon of space, united by the syn-energy of various personalities working with painting, sculpture, sound art, site-specific installations, video art and performance. Over 10 years of studio being open, 31 artists have gone through it; like that Nepokorennye not being a union, turned out to be a unifying factor for many creative processes in the end of noughties, the beginning of 2010s.

The exhibition is held in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the studio. The exhibition title takes the name of the street in St. Petersburg on which the studio is located. The works of the twenty participants presented in the show appear individually or within an area designated for each artist in the exhibition space.The idea of a uniting space served as an impulse for both the concept and design of the show. As the curator Anastasia Shavlokhova puts it, the exhibition is partly inspired by Timothy Morton’s phrase «contact becomes content». It is the continuing communication between participants as they work in a communal space that makes mutual influence on both form and content inevitable. The exhibition aims to reveal this complex structure of internal relations.

The anniversary exhibition shows the studio recognizing itself both as a phenomenon on its own and reflecting on its place in the history of art alliances. While the participants spent the first five years investing their efforts in the communal project of the studio, the following five years saw each of them focused on his or her own path. Having returned to these former stages in order to present this show, the artists now have no choice but to move on, as it is only by moving forward that one can change one’s thinking framework..

Ivan Plusch, Red Vein, 2017, Total Installation
Expostion view with works by Stas Bugs, Ilya Grishaev, Tatyana Podmarkova
Exhibition view with the works by Kirill Makarov, 2011-2017
Exhibition view with the works by Asya Marakulina and Ivan Plusch(in the background)
Ilya Gaponov and Kirill Koteshov, series "People of the Noughties", canvas, Kuzbasslak, 2010-2017
Exhibition view with the works by Konstantin Novikov (in the foreground) and Ilya Gaponov and Kirill Koteshov
Anton Konyukhov, "Untitled" from the series "The Present", paintings, 2017
Exhibition view with the works by Irina Drozd (on the pedestal) and Anton Konyukhov
Exhibition view with the works by Alyona Tereshko "In the Studio of Repin", 2015-2017
Entry group of the exhibition with the work from the series "People of the Noughties" (2010-2017) by Ilya Gaponov and Kirill Koteshov in the middle
Semen Motolyanets, The Artist is Only a Machine for the Production of Art, installation, 2017
Irina Drozd, painting from the series "I Don't Want to Age", 2016
Irina Drozd, paintings from the series "I Don't Want to Age", 2016
Asya Marakulina, Hidden Stitches, installation, 2016
Asya Marakulina, animation from the series "Hidden Stitches", 2016
Ilya Grishaev, untitled. sleipnir, mural, 2017