One Place Next To Another

18.06 - 24.08.2014

“One Place Next To Another”

WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art

Curated by Anastasia Shavlokhova and Lukas Töpfer

With works by: Peter Belyi, Julius von Bismarck, Ivan Brazhkin, Julian Charrière, Ilya Dolgov, Elena Elagina, Alexandra Galkina, Andreas Greiner, Markus Hoffmann, Nikita Kadan, Armin Keplinger, Felix Kiessling, Fabian Knecht, Alicja Kwade, Igor Makarevich, Christian Megert, Andrei Monastyrski, Michael Müller, Carsten Nicolai, Das Numen, Alexandra Sukhareva, Natalya Zintsova, Art Group “ZIP“.

The exhibition is a special project within the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art “A Time for Dreams”.

“One place next to another” consists of works from 23 emerging and renowned artists from Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Switzerland. About half of the works on show were commissioned by WINZAVOD and produced specially for the exhibition. The exhibition deals with the notion of “place” in contemporary society and the problem of “site-specificity” in contemporary art. The focus of attention is shifted from a single place to its relations which deeply influence art and society: the relations of art with technology, of technology with nature, of the local with the global etc. The exhibition creates a network of interrelated places – punctuated with borders and transition zones, open for interpretation. The artists attempt to find a form for the sites and subjects of contemporary life – with the materials that surround them. 

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Carsten Nicolai, 334 m/s, installation, 2007
Christian Megert, Lichtkasten, Triptychon, 3 lightboxes, 1973
Fabian Knecht, Uberwindung, object, 2014
Ilya Dolgov, Herbarium, graphic series, 2012–2014
Markus Hoffmann, Encounter, installation, 2014
Michael Muller, Yes or No, No or Yes, or No and No, painting in 5 parts, 2011
Julius von Bismarck, OMON, installation, 2014
Michael Muller, Own Private Time», sculpture, 2013–2014
Natalya Zintsova, Squares, Series of objects, 2014
Natalya Zintsova, Colonade (Portico of Zeus the Liberator), installation, 2014
Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina, Toadstool with Tatlin’s tower, installation, 2008
Andreas Greiner and Armin Keplinger, «•», time sculpture, 2011–2014
Felix Kiessling, Elbstein (Weltwasserspiegelsenkung Moskva 2014), installation, 2014
Alicja Kwade, Ubergabe, Installation, 2011
Das Numen, Momentum, installation, 2013–2014
Julian Charriere, Over there. video, 2014
Art Group «ZIP», The Third Lagoon, total installation, 2014