Egor Fedorychev
21 May 2019 - 15 July 2019

Curated by Aleksander Blanar 


In the basis of Egor Fedorichev’s artistic practice lies experimentation with traditional media, particularly painting, in which Egor creates new personal techniques. The artist combines found textiles and banners with painterly medium, thus creating new “archeological painting”. Fedorichev’s work is structured around the strategy of material and semantic assignments and the transformation of non-artistic materials into an artistic plane. They balance between sculpture and collage, painting and object.

In the “Red Garden” project, the fragments of Egor’s “archeological paintings” are derivative of Flamande still life: they include imagery of wildfowl and rabbit carcasses. He deconstructs imagery used in traditional painting, gradually dissolving the images into the surface of the canvas, which is sown into industrial fabric, otherwise used for army tents. The combination of fragile, fleeting ghosts of dead animals with rough, violent textures, used during the war period, allows the artist to create a powerful statement about the fleeting, ephemeral nature of the traditional school of painting in a contemporary, military context. This statement is highlighted by a perfect exposition: Egor’s canvases are suspended from the ceiling with the use of metal hooks, just like carcasses in a butcher’s shop. They entice and frighten all at the same time.


Vera Trakhtenberg

Installation view 1
Installation view 2
Installation view 3
Installation view 4
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