Dreams about the celestial lights on the dark Earth

Garshin spent the lockdown period in his native Voronezh. “Every day you walk by the same route : across the same yard, past the same tree, in your flat and in the studio you are surrounded by the same things every day - all this enhances the feeling of timelessness, meanwhile new optics and new dimension of familiar landscapes appear” ,- says the artist. As a medium, he decided to use oil painting, watercolor and enamel. Deliberately combining on the same canvas light and airy watercolor with oils and enamel , the artist indicates the potential of comprehension of supreme reality, which was laid by the daily life : “Inhabitants of the Dark Earth see the same stars as the people from the rest of the planet, and they dream about the same unreachable space heights”. 

“Kirill Garshin is one of the best russian painters: in terms of color palette, in terms of integrity of his peace-building, which he reveals from exhibition to exhibition, creating every new project as a sequel. It is interesting thatin his works a special role is played by a specific place , which in this case is the dark Earth. Kirill uses the principle of overlaying ,some shift of reality, which he points out at through different mediums, is always present in his works.”

Anastasiya Shavlokhova

120х130 cm
To meander
120х130 cm
Untitled. (Field)
120х130 cm
Tomorrow. Self-portrait in April
55х75 cm
50х60 cm
285х195 cm
Casper. Untitled
78х130 cm
Man with neck injury
62х76 cm
50х40 cm
68х104 cm
Girl with a broken arm
153х160 cm
Wet floor
225х205 cm
Grotto. Self-portrait in May
35х40 cm
120х130 cm
Man with bandaged elbow
120х130 cm